Know Your Vaccines

BCG Vaccine

                    This vaccine is given at birth or in early months after birth to protect baby against tuberculosis , especially its dangerous forms.

Polio Vaccine

                Although India is declared free of polio , all baby's should be vaccinated preferably with  injectable vaccine plus or  oral polio vaccine .

This is to eliminate risk of imported infection and to maintain immunity.

Hepatitis B Vaccine

    Hepatitis B Vaccine is given to prevent hepatitis B infection ( which causes liver disease and liver cancer ) .

DPT Vaccine

   DPT vaccine is used for prevention of Diphtheria , Tetanus and Whooping cough .

Measles vaccine

Measles vaccine alone or in combination with MMR vaccine is used for prevention against measles.

MMR vaccine

    MMR vaccine is for prevention against  three diseases measles, mumps and rubella.

HIB vaccine ( Haemophilus Influenza Vaccine)


      Haemophilus Influenza B is a bacteria that is common  cause of severe blood and bone infection , meningitis and pneumonia in babies.  It is commonly given as combined vaccine (pentavalent or hexavalent vaccine).

Rotavirus vaccine

   This is oral vaccine for preventing severe form of rotavirus diarrhoea which  is leading cause of dehydration and hospital admissions and unfortunately leading causes of childhood deaths.

Hepatitis A Vaccine

   Hepatitis A Vaccine is used to prevent hepatitis A which is  food and waterborne disease.

Typhoid vaccine

Used for prevention of typhoid fever which is also food and waterborne disease.

Chickenpox vaccine

    Used for prevention of chickenpox. Usually given in 2 doses.

Flu vaccine

  Used for protection against Influenza virus , it includes protection against H1N1 Swine Flu virus . it's given in 2 doses and yearly.

HPV Vaccines

  Used for prevention of human papilloma virus which is leading cause of cervical cancer in women.